Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm My Own President

Forest Fire - "Psychic Love Star"

Here's Forest Fire, another group of young people from Brooklyn making music the right way: friends, music, drugs, and melody. Each song is clearly a collaborative effort, with no single element taking center stage. A male and a female alternate vocal duties, and there's a hazy atmosphere that suggests sunlight struggling through curtains into a dusty room.

"Psychic Love Star" comes from a short and severely under pressed EP by the same name. Though it's now sold out, you can listen to more fantastic songs here.

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Katie said...

I just wanted to comment and say that this is a fabulous idea for a blog. Whenever I'm looking for new music, I skip itunes and come here. By the way, up until now, so for a long time, I thought this was called "Tim Fades Away" and I couldn't figure out why the hell you would name it that, because your name is not TIM. But instead, i just discovered it says TIME. So.....just something I wanted to share.