Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey Lizzie, look what I did.

Neil Young - "Time Fades Away"

Well, here it is. A couple times a week or whenever I feel like it, I'll get on here to share really great and under-appreciated music. The first song is obviously where I stole the title of the blog from. It is an old, unreleased Neil song from a record by the same name. While not one of my favorites by any means, I still thought I should just start things off by sharing it.

Like most Neil songs, it's overflowing with truisms and sweet riffs. Joe would have you know, and I think Neil would agree that it's all true. Well, alright then. Download the song and continue to check my page in the future. Also, please feel free to leave comments, even if they are hate-oriented.

Thanks and enjoy!

1 comment:

Kate Anderson said...

omg u r lyke so kewl and hip. i wish i could b lyke u.