Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Young hearts wake up..."

Elephant Micah - "Minors' Refrain"

Joe O'Connell aka Elephant Micah is one of my favorite songwriters functioning today. I have been pretty much obsessed with his songs since I stumbled across him around this time last year. His voice has a soft, warm intimacy like Sam Beam's but his overall sound tends to lean more towards a flowing lush country song than a whispered folk tune. Joe lives in a small town in Indiana and his songs evoke the peacefulness of nature and space with gorgeous intimacy. "Minors' Refrain" was the first song I heard by him and I think it's a great place to start. If you enjoy it, I encourage you to support him and order his albums. Most of the packaging is hand done by Joe in Indiana, and they are great looking. This music will serve you well in the oncoming short, cold winter days.

Click here to learn more and buy his albums.

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Kate Anderson said...

this was the first ele micah song you put on a cd for me and i also fell in love.

oh, and p.s. YOU R A D-BAG! i'm working on a new post.