Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beauty, Beauty, Beauty

The Shivers - "Beauty"

Basically everything that has been said about Keith Zarriello is based on hearsay, except that he can write a damn fine song. His New York city outfit The Shivers is a group I came across recently and really enjoy. He dabbles in several sounds and succeeds in all of them. From traditional folk songwriting to piano balladry with electronic flourishes, the guy writes downright affecting stuff. This song, "Beauty" is a perfect example. It uses the word "love" more than any great song should be able to and yet the song comes off as totally believable. Zarriello sounds as if his love were going to explode from inside him, until it does.

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Cal McGrath said...

Wow, this is truely a great song. I have never heard of this band before and i already know i'll be listening to much more of them. Some how his vocal style reminds me of Remy Zero, who im not a huge fan of, but you should check out his acoustic version of twister.

Kate Anderson said...

this. is. good.